About us

clubrauscher is a company that puts 100% emphasis on progressive innovation on the internet. We spot trends and opportunities and make them become reality.

Making our way to the future - with our financing concept, based on established licensing- and franchising models, we're already writing a success story. We bring together the multifaceted know-how of our network partners and collectively achieve sustainable success.

Our international network of partners is made up of consulting and distribution experts, businesses, agencies and associations, clubs and business angels. Together we profit from a lively corporate landscape which you can participate in, too.


Our know-how

With our unique financing concept and a strong partner network we have accompanied and supported the internet start up redpeppix. GmbH & Co. KG from day one.

redpeppix. GmbH & Co. KG has developed and now distributes a revolutionary new internet technology, pixoona, which makes image tagging possible universally.